Lessons Offered:

  • Piano Lessons
    • Ages Grade 1 to Adult
  • Voice Lessons
    • Ages Grade 3 to Adult
  • Band Lessons
    • Brass: Trumpet, F. Horn, Trombone
    • Woodwinds: Flute, Clarinet
    • Ages: Grade 3 to adult

Tuition Rates:

Lessons Held After School (3pm to 8pm)
     *  Studio 30-Minute Lesson: $12

     *  In-Home 30-Minute Lesson: $12
            + Monthly $5 travel fee

Lessons Held From 9am to 3pm
     *  In-Home 30-Minute Lesson: $12
             No monthly travel fee will be charged, because studio lessons are not available during this time frame.

     *  Those participating in Homeschool Music Class with KJ will receive a 15% discount.  (Lessons must occur between 9am and 3pm to receive the discount.)

Please note: You will need to purchase your own method books.

If you would like to rent method books from KJ's personal collection, a monthly fee of $5 will be added.

Billing is done at the end of each month.  I accept checks made out to "KariJo O'Keefe", money orders, or cash.

To Register:
  • Call or email KJ with questions or to register!
    • See contact information under "Contact".

Band Lessons

We will use whichever band method books your school uses to keep it simple and low-cost.  These can include, but are not limited to:
               - Standard of Excellence
               - Essential Elements 2000
               - Accent on Achievement
               - Belwin 21st Century
               - Rubank
               - Yamaha Band Student
Piano Lessons

You will need to have these four books for each level:


               - Lesson Book

               - Recital or Solo Book
               - Technic Book
               - Theory Book
Altogether, they will cost around $30 (with tax).

You have the option of using these books (please note they are not required)
               - Fun Book
               - Notespeller
               - Sonatinas
               - Repertoire Book
               - Sight-reading Book
               - Merry Christmas! Book
               - Merry Christmas! Ensemble Book

               - Level 1A (orange)
               - Level 1B (green)
               - Level 2 (brown)
               - Level 3 (yellow)
               - Level 4 (pink)
               - Level 5 (blue)
               - Level 6 (dark brown)
Voice Lessons

We will work together to see what would be the best book(s) for us to work together out of.  Here are some possibilities:

               - Folk Songs for Solo Singers, Vols. 1 & 2,
               - Folk Songs for Two
               - 26 Italian Songs and Arias
               - The First Book of Soprano Solos
               - The Second Book of Soprano Solos
               - The First Book of Mezzo-Soprano Solos
               - The Second Book of Mezzo-Soprano Solos
               - The First Book of Tenor Solos
               - The Second Book of Tenor Solos
               - The First Book of Baritone/Bass Solos
               - The Second Book of Baritone/Bass Solos
               - Kid's Broadway Songbook
               - The Teen's Musical Theatre Collection
               - The First Book of Broadway Solos
               - The Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology
               - Aria's For Soprano
               - Aria's For Mezzo-Soprano
               - Aria's For Tenor
               - Aria's For Baritone
               - Aria's For Bass
               - The Oratorio Anthology
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