This is our "patchwork quilt" of parent feedback.  The patchwork represents our individuality of our families, but we come together as a community in our family music classes, thus creating a quilt.  Click here to send your anonymous feedback to be added to the quilt.

"As a first-time father, I was a little unsure of what to expect - would I be the only male there? Is this really worth it? 10 minutes into the first class I was completely sold. It's the coolest thing ever. There are loads of men and women with their young kids, and the songs and activities we do are a blast to do in our own home. Register for it - you'll be glad you did."
          - Father of 1.5-year-old
Barnas Musikk class was great for both of my children.  My older child was able to remember the words to many songs and finger poems and said them at home.  She was able to participate in all the activities and it was great practice for following directions while enriching her knowledge about music.  My younger child started out slower in his want to participate - he likes to take things in at first.  After a couple of classes, he really enjoyed being involved in what was going on.  As a mother, I appreciated the element of repetition but also new material.  The kids had songs they looked forward to singing.  They were also excited to learn new songs which kept them interested.  Very well organized.  Such a great program!
          - Parent
"Having a PHD candidate teaching children's music here in Grand Forks is exceptional. Think of the enrichment and appreciation a child can receive at such a young age. Karijo's range of teaching from pre-school to 400 level college courses offers our young children a strong appreciation for music that is rarely offered locally and if offered the price is often so expensive it is prohibits some children from participating. This is a definite enhancement for our town."
          - Retired UND Associate Professor of Communication.
We loved Barnas Musikk because our kids faces’ would shine when they heard we were going to class.  They loved singing and dancing, and using the songs to help them at home—like “Hands-a-washin”.  It was the best way for our children to learn colors and shapes after KariJo sang “I see a girl who’s shirt is purple” and all the kids started looking at themselves to see if it was their turn!  KariJo has an amazing connection with children—my kids loved her!
          - Mother of 3.5-year-old and 6-year-old